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Where we excel and stand apart from our competition is in our Signature Services

PACS Sales and Implementation
Electronic Medical Record System Selection and Implementation

+Product Lifecycle Support
+RFP/RFQ Design
Vendor Management ­ Our strong vendor relationships translates into thousands of dollars of savings for our clients. We manage and handle the review of systems through the selection process.

Electronic Medical Record Meaningful Use Consulting

What Healthcare Reform Means for Physicians and How Datum Point Can Help

The medical world is experiencing a dramatic transformation in health care administration. Trying to keep up with the laws and requirements can be overwhelming. One misstep in implementing new technology can result in major expenses or fines down the road. It is our mission to help you understand these changes and implement strategies so you continue to thrive in this new medical arena.

What is Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act)?

The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act) legislation created to stimulate the adoption of electronic health records (EHR) and supporting technology in the United States. President Obama signed HITECH into law on February 17, 2009 as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), an economic stimulus bill.

The HITECH act stipulates that, beginning in 2011, healthcare providers will be offered financial incentives for demonstrating meaningful use of electronic health records (EHR). Incentives will be offered until 2015, after which time penalties may be levied for failing to demonstrate such use. The Act also establishes grants for training centers for the personnel required to support a health IT infrastructure. The incentive: $44,000.00 per provider.

Meaningful Use Made Easy By Datum Point
Meaningful use requirements for electronic health records systems aim to improve the quality of health care and reduce costs. But as the facts show, achieving meaningful use is not easy.

How we address key meaningful use measures:
Improved outcomes: Care Coordination (Electronically exchange information), Patient and family engagement
Advanced clinical processes: Use of e-Prescribing, Closed Order Management, Data Capture and Sharing, Quality care and population management

Because we make it our job to understand all the complexities of Meaningful Use, you won’t have to. We will turn this into an opportunity for you. Now you will be free to focus on quality patient care, while we help you receive collect the maximum incentive dollars, and clear away the administrative red tape.

Information Technology Services & Support

Datum Point will install, free of charge, a stand-alone systems monitoring server and help desk ticket web application. Most desktop support tickets can be handled cost effectively by remote access to computer or a technician can be scheduled to be onsite. We offer Emergency After Hours, Weekend and Holiday support services.


System Security

The Internet revolutionized the way the world works, shops, plays and markets their products and services. This change has opened the door to security threats – threats to individual identity and privacy, and threats to enterprise data and operations. Datum Point provides security consulting and system implementation across the entire spectrum of enterprise strategic security measures.

System Assessments

Knowing where to focus your investment of time and money to provide the most impact is one of the challenges faced by those managing technology. If you don’t know where you are today, developing a sound plan can be difficult even if you already know what you need to accomplish. Datum Point provides a comprehensive evaluation of your current technology and documents all of your systems. We then make specific recommendations and develop a plan to help you achieve the level of security and availability that is required for your organization.


The network creates, stores, and accesses all of your information assets. It also must be expandable to provide new services. Datum Point will design and support your network to maximize potential and minimize risk. We will meet your business needs like disaster recovery, security, a mobile work force, and maximize performance by creating innovative solutions using products from Cisco Systems and other leading manufacturers.
* In addition we offer a full range of network design and wiring services for new and existing networks.


Most servers today use less than 25% of their capacity, but are isolated by the requirement to separate applications. Virtualization allows for creation of multiple instances of the operating system and application space on a single server through the emulation of hardware. Each instance appears as a separate server with its own hardware allowing the isolation of each system and maximizing the capabilities of the physical server. Datum Point can help you develop and implement a virtualization strategy on the VMware and Microsoft platforms to maximize your investment in hardware while also enhancing business continuity and disaster recovery.

Disaster Recovery

Datum Point provides disaster recovery solutions that incorporate technologies, processes, and people to help your business survive catastrophic failures. We carefully consider your business objectives when creating a disaster recovery plan that can easily adapt as your business changes.

Information System Services

+Custom Application Development
Our team works closely with your business to deliver a custom software solution. With the use of best practices in software development and architecture designs, our clients receive solid returns on their investment.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

In an ever-changing business landscape, organizations require decision support to stay competitive. Datum Point provides business intelligence consulting services supported by state of the art technologies to manage valuable business data and make it available when you need it. Data warehouses, online reporting systems, key performance indicators, dashboards and analytics all play a role in navigation and adaptation.

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